Things to be avoided during EURO 2012

Kyiv is one of the main hosting cities for EURO 2012 football championship. It is the place of 5 football matches. All the matches will be held on the main stadium of the city – NSC Olympiyskiy.

There are numerous advantages in Kyiv like four bright seasons, beautiful architecture, interesting culture and of course stunning women. But as all cities in the world it has its disadvantages or simply things that should be avoided in Kyiv, especially during EURO 2012 football championship.

First of all it should be admitted that the capital city of Ukraine has large historical background that influenced its present outlook. It is more the people that are different, museums and monuments are very similar to European ones. Most of the locals are very European: friendly, modern, fashionable and open-minded. But there are still so-called “laid up” districts where Ukrainians look nothing to do with description of the first. Such people are usually guys, living in “special” Kyiv districts.

So, there are at least 3 main street districts that are no recommended to visit: Borshagovka, Troeshina and Vinogrador. These districts are famous for a wonderful and absolutely incomparable sub-culture with a beautiful name “gopniki”. These guys are known for steeling, singing and street fighting. To be aware who you are dealing with you should remember that they usually wear sport costumes with shoes, a hat, which was modern in 20th, eat sun-flower seats in uncounted amount and of course drink beer or vodka next to their houses. They might sound really scary but they are not. The best thing not to trouble or ignore them or if you are sure in your physical abilities you can always fight, these guys love it.

One more thing to be avoided during EURO 2012 in Kyiv is Ukrainian police. The reason is very simple, Ukrainian police is often represented in the same gopniki. Of course, it does not concern everybody but it is at least 25 %.

In any other situation, act as in any other city in the world. Smile, have fun, drink, watch football and enjoy wonderful and beautiful Kyiv.


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