Top places for fishing in Chile



Chile offers a lot of impressive attractions for old and young people. Among them hiking, jogging through the most finest parks, fishing, golfing, rodeo competition as well as kayaking. Due to the Pacific Ocean, Chile is rich in sea food thus fishing attraction became one of the most popular attractions.

While you are in Chile, fishing may be interest for you as you will have the chance to catch rare species of sharks. Also, fishing in Pacific Ocean is known as the best place for living trout and salmon as well. In fact, the waters in Chile are pristine, crystal and cold that works perfectly for fishing. Recently, fishing has increased on large scale among Chilean people.

If taking about the best location for fishing, Patagonia is a must be. Here, you may find the most experienced fisherman. Fishing is not simple sport; it requires a lot of energy as well as some skill. In Patagonia, you will have great opportunity to take professional lessons

Best time for fishing:

Chile has a mild climate, but the weather can be unpredictable sometimes. Thus, the best time for fishing in the pristine waters is from November to May. World class fishing is a favorite activity in Chile. Weather: dry, mild, dry, cool, it can be windy sometimes. Temperatures: min. 10° C, max. 30° C. Horses: Local Criollo breed, tame.

Also, the Lakes District in Chile is known as paradise for fishermen. It includes many lakes inside among them are: Paloma, Yelcho, Pollux as well as Llanquihue Lake that is probably the finest place for fishing. While the most popular rivers for fishing are Villarrica Volcano, Paloma, Desague, Sin Nombre, Nireguao, Futaleufu, Palena, Azul, Balboa, Simpson as well.While you are fishing, enjoy the stunning landscape as well as the Calbuco volcano view.

So, if you are not passion about hiking or kayaking, maybe fishing may be interest for you.  Enjoy the crystal water of Pacific Ocean by catching the amazing sharks.


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