Budget Sightseeing In La Paz

One of the public developments in Bolivian capital is the arrangement and distribution of one ticket for three best museums in La Paz. That is why foreign travelers will have an opportunity to save some extra money on visiting cultural places in this city and improve their trip. Therefore, such a ticket will be promoted in various places within La Paz: travel agencies, airport, cultural centers, hotels and restaurants; so, the chance to obtain it for common traveler is guaranteed. Moreover, such a ticket will be valid for one week and supplemented by brochures in English and Spanish languages to enclose the possibilities of this arrangement. Among museums submitted to this program are:

1. National Museum of Art (Museo Nacional de Arte), which was established in 1960. However, the building it resides in is dated back to 1775 -the former Palacio de Los Condes de Arana, the house of Spanish aristocracy of those times, which might alert an attention with its colonial-style courtyard. The collection of art, demonstrated in museum, unites both old and modern exhibits: art of Andean culture (guardian angels with blunderbusses, the trinity with three identical Jesus faces) and creations of contemporary Bolivian artists.

Courtyard of National Museum Of Art

2. National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore conducts an exposure of customs and arts of ethnic groups, especially those ones of Titicaca Lake. One of the most popular exhibitions is “3,000 Years of Textiles”, which shows woven ponchos, skirts, and blankets, which nowadays are acknowledged as pieces of indigenous art.

3. San Francisco Museum, which resides in Baroque-style church of 1549. This cultural establishment exposes the history and art of the city’s landmark. There are heavenly religious paintings, historical artifacts, an interesting anteroom and a God-like view from the roof.
Hence, if you planning on visit to La Paz, do not forget about this saving-money program, especially if these museum might really enclose historical, cultural and art features of this marvelous city. Moreover, most of the hotels in La Paz are situated not far from their location.


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