Buen Retiro, the greenest park in Madrid

one of the top ten parks in Madrid -“Buen Retiro” is a treasure of its cultural and natural heritage. This place has seen monarch’s history and is one of the great symbols of Madrid which everybody should know.
This place occupies 130 ha of forest, it looks like a green island that is covered with 15 000 trees. The park can be entered from different sides: Plaza de laI ndependencia, Calle de Alcalá, Calle de O’Donnell and also Calle de Alfonso XII. Besides the green trees this place will please you with artificial lake. The charnel house of Alfonso XII is right beside it.

Firstly it was mentioned in an epoch of Catholic kings that formed “Los Jeronimos “monastery. Beside the monastery there were several buildings that belonged to the royal crown, known as “The Room”. During the reign of Philip II this was a place of religious meditations and prayers. Back in those days it was called “Retiro” which means “solitude”.


The peculiarity of that park is “Angel Caido”- the only statue in the world that is dedicated to the fallen angel Lucifer. The park has a garden with roses, the park Sesilio Rodriguez and many quiet spots where one can enjoy a book, listen to the favorite songs or just to enjoy the silence.
During the weekend Buen Parque Retiro turns into a grand plce for musicians and city performances. This time almost all Madrid citizens make their way to the park to bask themselves with nice music and good company.


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