High-quality wines

Peru is well known as the oldest producer of excellent wine. You should not leave the country without tasting local wine.

It has a wide range of vineyards across its various regions that supply well cultivated as well as high-quality wines to the market.

The history wine: It was discovered in 16 century when Spanish conqueror Marquis Francisco de Caravantes, introduced the people of the land to grapes. In fact, the best wine of the country comes from the city of Ica, that is situated in the Ica Province and they still make wine in some Ica wineries following the old traditions.

The local citizens call the wineries “bodega”.  In fact, Tacama is the most well-known winery in Peru or otherwise it is called Bodega Tacama.

Without doubt, here you will find the best kinds of wine, whether you like red or white.

Another fascinating winery is Vista Alegre that is placed in the northern part of Ica. Besides wines, it produces Pisco wonderful brandy, which is another popular product of Peru. The most fascinating fact is that brandy is widely used for medicinal purposes.

Moreover, Peru features by 85 high-quality wineries that are famous by Artesanales wineries. So, taste the best brands of  Peruvian wine  those we mentioned below:

White wines brands: 

Tacama (Peru) Blanco de Blancos 2005

Vista Alegre (Peru) Pinot Blanc NV

Ocucaje (Peru) Fond de Cave Chardonnay NV

Red wines brands:

Tacama (Peru) Gran Tinto 2005

Tacama (Peru) Seleccion Especial 2004

Ocucaje (Peru) Fond de Cave Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon NV


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