The Mennonites’ Town of Loma Plata

Loma Plata appears to be the historical colonial town, which is located at distance of 407 km from the capital of Asunción. Precisely, it was the first settlement founded by Canadians in Paraguay, which dates back to 1927. It cannot boast of long history, but this fact does not deny the presence of interesting peculiarities of its development.

On initial stages of its growth the specific feature of Loma Plata is eagerness to survive in conditions of constant animals’ attacks and absence of medical services. In contrast, nowadays one out of four hospitals in Boquerón province is located just in Loma Plata. Currently this city is important industrial and trade center, which gladly welcomes tourists.

In particular, there are some cultural attractions. First and foremost, Cologne Menno is a museum dedicated to the storytelling of first immigrants and, eventually, habitants of the Loma Plata settlement. Travelers can also spend some time during an excursion to local diary factory and explore the process of milk production. Animal breeding is one of the characteristics of agricultural industry, represented by Rodeo Club Isla po’i. This establishment also directed to the production of tomatoes, sesame, cotton, etc. Speaking about local handicrafts, it is impossible not to mention bags made in Caraguatá Enlhet, which might be purchased as a souvenir or remembrance about this town.

In addition, it is obligatory to mention Hotel Palace, the information about which might be interesting for those ones, who decided to pay a visit to Loma Plata. It would be useful to know that it is a budget accommodation, which offers best conveniences in the area: breakfast serving, diner alongside indoor pool and, of course, perfect accommodation of nine rooms. To enlarge the visit to Loma Plata it is also might be exciting to attend some places of interest in the neighborhood: Neu-Halbstadt with its exquisite Indian market, natural conservations of Mbaraquay, Tifunke and Nacunday.


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