Tiesto, one of the famous Dutch musicians and a producer of electronic dance music was born in Breda in 1969. He has been interested in music since early age. At the age of twenty he decide to dedicate his whole life to music. In 1997 he and his friend opened a music label under the name of “Black Hole Recordings”.  The debut album was released in 2002 and it became Holland’s most selling album. But he didn’t stop at this point and in 2003 he performed a set. But it wasn’t the usual DJ’s performance in a club, it was in the stadium. He became the first DJ in the whole music history to perform in the stadium with a 25,000 capacity. After that performance he toured the world with his “Tiesto in Concert”.

In a year he became the first ever DJ to play on the Olympic Opening Ceremony for the Athens 2004 Olympics. He even broke his own record gathering almost 4 billion audience.  Tiesto is the only DJ to be named Dj Magazine’s World No. 1 DJ three times in a row in 2002, 2003 and 2004. He even produced the first instrumental track that reached the top in his home country in 23 years.

The remix which he recorded together with Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Silence’ became the first house track ever broadcast on daytime radio in North America.

He is also known for his contributions to dance music. His style is a combination of everything: trance, house and techno.

For today Tiesto has won pretty much each electronic dance music award, but he is not planning to stop. His goal is to produce more albums.


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