Tips for a great shopping in Brazil

Bright emotions, bronze tan and lots of fun! This is Brazil! The country of wild monkeys and colorful parrots has a great variety of souvenirs and clothes that will be as bright and extravagant as Brazil itself.
Rua Visconde de Piraja is a fashion center that will amaze any customer. This street combines boutiques that represent all top brands. If you are looking for a golden bikini, the best place to go is “Lenny”. This place has unbelievable swimming suits. If you are not ready to Brazilian experiments visit “Blueman” some rumors say that even Bill Clinton does his shopping here. After a good swim through the accessory shops go to the “Alice Tapajs” here are some clothes from the brands like DKNY and if you are looking for good leather clothes better visit Frankie Amaury. Also there are a lot of other shopping centers in Brazil.

Although, not everybody is looking for clothes but everybody is buying souvenirs. T-shirt, trinket, figurine are the most popular souvenir gifts. Change your typical behavior – this is Brazil!
A Caipirinha is an alcohol drink that has a vivid acid color that will impress anybody; also, it will be good to bring real Brazilian coffee. Brazil has many jewel mines so it’s obvious that this country gives a variety of fine jewelry like diamonds, tourmalines, emerald and topaz. Plus the prices are lower than anywhere in the world.
Many people associate this country with carnivals, a carnival dress and a cd with samba will be an all-like present. The sea is another part that influences Brazilian culture. On the seaside you can buy some real treasures like ship models, tiny lighthouse, shipboard lamp and even real operating wheel.
If you don’t like ordinary stuff go to the Hippie market in Rio. This place is filled with variegated handmade dresses, swimming suits and goffering.


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