Festivals in Paraguay

Festivals in Paraguay.
Paraguay is situated in the South America. The country is divided into two uneven parts by the river Paraguay. The culture of this country is bright and friendly as most of the countries of the South America.

Music in Paraguay plays a great role in everyday life of the citizens. Music accompanies sadness and fun, good times and bad times, birth and death. Those who are about to go Paraguay can not find a better time than winter. Compering to the European countries this place has never seen cold weather. Here, the sun is shining and the flowers are blossoming. Otherwise the coldest season is summer; the temperature here hops from +36 to +6.
So here, in a hot winter time one of the best actions takes place – Paraguay’s festivals.
The main holiday of the country is “Paraguay’s carnival” and is held on February. Lots of costume performances, street processions, various cultural and religious festivals happen in Asuncion and other cities. San Bless Fiesta is held in February. Everything is bright and colorful, the streets are filled with musicians, and everybody is dancing and having fun. It is celebrated nationally and it occupies almost all big cities of the country.
Besides, the Christmas, New Year and Eastern holidays all the country celebrates “Dia de San Blass” in honor of the saint protector of Paraguay. It is celebrated since 1539. Other festivals are “Serro-cora “which is held on the 1st of March. There is also a special festival which is held on the 15th of August in honor of the establishment of Asuncion.
Every province has its own list of holidays, which are usually connected to some religious or historical dates. In the beginning of February little city Puno celebrates a colorful religious festival “Virgen-de-la Candelaria.” At the end of March another bright festival takes place – “Viemes – Santo”. In the first days of May town Alarsitas has a fair of manual craft that is held in the terms of the festival “Dia de Santa Cruz” which is a religious festival. The last religious festival is held in the end of September and is called “La VIrgen de la Mercedes”.


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