The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is a hectic and live city. It is the second largest city in Spain. Nowadays Barcelona is a major economic and cultural center. Two official languages are spoken here: Spanish and Catalan. A lot of tourists visit Barcelona each year because of great amount of parks, gardens, beaches and museums. Barcelona is also famous for Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces such as Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and Casa Batlló.

Park Guell is a very picturesque place, included in UNESCO World Heritage list.

The park was the part of unsuccessful commercial project. It was meant to be built in English style. Two houses were built on the territory of the park (not by Gaudi) but no one wanted to buy them. For those who wanted to live close to Barcelona it was too far, for those willing to live further it was too close. One of these two houses was bought be Gaudi himself, because Guell convinced him. Nowadays the house in which he used to live houses a museum where you may found out more about Gaudi’s life and to see the sketches of his works. The entrance to the park is free and anyone can visit it. The most beautiful spot in the park is the serpentine bench.

If you’re visiting Barcelona, you should definitely plan a trip to Park Guell. Spend at least half a day there to have enough time to admire one of the famous spaniards‘ masterpiece. It probably will be a better solution to take a bus to the park because if you decide to take metro, you’ll have to climb the hill for approximately 20 minutes.

Sagrada Familia is another Gaudi’s fascinating work, though the architect himself will never see his creation when it is finished. Last years of his life he dedicated to this project. Nowadays it is still under construction, but is available for tourists.


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