Peruvian Cuisine: Filling At the Price in Lima

Lima is the most attractive and interesting for tourists city in Peru. That is why dining on a budget might be reasonable and considerable issue for those ones, who has busy trip schedule and do not plan to spend extra money in cafes. Cheap restaurants is very suitable also because of their location in central city areas in almost cases and, besides, it is always a great opportunity to taste local cuisine on moderate prices. So, top 5 cheap restaurants in Lima are defined.

Govinda (2 cafes) is a restaurant with entirely Peruvian cuisine made vegetarian, and soups and dishes made of rice are of high popularity. It is possible to order meals without le carte, which is a common practice in this establishment. Additionally, the outside patio supplements a nice atmosphere of the restaurant.
Address: 1.Schell 634, Miraflores Area, Lima, Peru.
1. Jirón Callao 480 (near Av. Tacna in Centro de Lima)
Phone: 1.00-51-1-444-2871
2. 00-51-1-426-3305
Openning Hours: Mon – Fri 11 AM – 7 PM; Sun 11 AM – 4 PM
Average prices: €4-5 per 3-course meal.

Govinda Restaurant

Accllahuasy Restaurant is a place, where one may taste racy Peruvian cuisine (sandwiches, snacks are included). It is important to mention that set meals are preferable on moderate prices.
Address: Ancash 400, Central Lima (Around the corner from Hostal España)
Opening hours: 07:00-23:00, daily

Papas y Comotes is a budget restaurant, conducted by one family, which offers Peruvian food of high quality with low prices. Among featured dishes tourists may taste the seafish food with Creole sauce (about €8-9) as well as different combinations of crispy potatoes and salads. This café is suitable for big companies, tourists with children and delivery is possible as well.
Address: 276 Calle Burgos, San Isidro
Phone: 221-8482
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 7AM-10PM
Average prices: €4-8 per dish

Las Mesitas Restaurant is a café, where the brightest Peruvian dishes are offered. Tourists might be delighted to taste specific corn dish humitas with different fillings (both meat and vegetable) as well as mezzamora morada (a pudding dessert, also made of corn and fruits).
Address: Grau 341, Barranco, Lima, Peru (near Parque Municipal)
Phone: 477-4199
Opening hours: daily, till 11PM-1AM
Average prices: €4-8 per dish

La Baguette appears to be a restaurant, which serves both local and international cuisine. The menu offers a wide range of dishes: sandwiches, salads, tapas, snacks, meat dishes, etc. This establishment might fit for arrangement of certain occasions and celebrations, brunches, for instance, as well as it is a nice restaurants for tourists, who live nearby.
Address: CC Plaza San Miguel, Lima, Peru
Phone: 566 – 0858
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 7AM – 12PM
Average prices: €4-8 per dish


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