Madrid Culture

Madrid is a bustling capital of Spain with its own impressive culture and mysterious traditions.


When it comes to Madrid, gastronomy is culture, business and leisure – all in one.

There is a vast range culinary variety on offer: Madrid is famous for its delicious cuisine and traditional homemade dishes.

With its fascinating traditions, rich history and remarkable art scene Madrid attracts a lot of visitors over the world. Probably, Madrid is one of few cities over the world where, every day, you can enjoy watching a ballerina or hear a tenor.

A World of Art

Madrid is well known for its large number of art galleries and museums that showcase masterpieces of many famous artists such as El Greco, Miro, Salvador Dali as well Goya and Picasso.

Better-known for its collection of artworks, Museo del Prado includes masterworks of world prominent artists as well as  Barnett Newman,  Goya, Picasso, Miguel Navarro,   Dan Flavin, Barnett Newman and  even more. Other outstanding art galleries in Madrid are Thyssen-Bornemisza, Reina Sofia and Museo Sorolla.

The architecture of Madrid is a strange mix of all the dynasties, the buildings stand as a testimony to the fact. The Prado Museum is the most renowned museum in the world which holds unique collections of classic painting worldwide. It is a home to famous artists such as Rubbens, Goya, El Greco.

The Reina Sofia Museum is named in honor of the actual Queen of Spain, attracting visitors with its amazing paintings like “El Guernica “the most important masterpieces of Pablo Picasso as well great masters as Miro and Dali.

Madrid is famous for its museums, but there are also many gardens and parks; one of the top 10 parks is the Royal Botanic Garden which includes huge collections of plants from all around the world. Other impressive park is the Casa del Campo in Madrid.  Without doubt, Madrid has a rich culture and famous for its fabulous work of famous artists.

In Madrid, the world art is not extended to museums yet.  A lot of galleries, institutions, public spaces of exhibition and foundations also exist in metropolitan city such as:   At Castello, 77, Fundación Juan March is one of the oldest institutions in the city that includes exhibitions of Modern Western Art. It is well known as the first house of an international art. Other famous exhibitions are Círculo de Bellas Artes and Fundacion Arte y Tecnologia.

The major avenue is Gran Vía that offers musicals, symphonies, operas, dance performances, “zarzuelas” (light Spanish operas) and even more.   Otherwise, if you are passion about football Real Madrid or Atlético de Madrid, is a must be.


Traditionally, the citizens of Madrid call the city “La Villa” (“the village”), and this custom still alive.

Another great example of Madrid culture is the invention of the Spanish guitar, was created by Andrés Segovia in 1790. When it comes to Madrid, it’s not only about learning Spanish language but also basically exploring fabulous, architectural places, museums, exhibitions, finding out the most fascinating facts about culture.


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