Funny Carnival of Binche

Belgium is well known by its sparkling old customers and festivals.

The Carnival of Binche without doubt is the most marvelous festival in Belgium. It has been proclaimed as a Masterpiece of moral and intangible heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The Carnival of Binche is a famous festival in Belgium and it takes place annually in a lovely Belgian town, called Binche.

People from over the world come to Belgium to see this fascinating festival that includes a lot of street dancing wearing vibrant costumes and wax masks. Men stand out from the crowd in orange costumes wearing wooden shoes. It is a national tradition of the festival that the Gilles happily throw oranges at the crowd to bless the upcoming summer season. The main idea is not to throw anything back at the Gilles instead turn the other cheek. The orange that can hit you in the forehead is actually a blessing. A lot of people come for the carnival for some goodness and honest fun.


This European carnival dates back almost 200 years. The pelting oranges are regarded as a gift promising a good harvest.

When the odds start?

The preparation for a grandiose event starts beforehand. The celebration lasts for three days in February. In fact, Shrove Sunday is known as the beginning of Carnival of Binche.  The streets of old city are decorated brightly parading locals. The next day which is called Shrove Tuesday, you may find around a thousand Gilles de Binche, mostly all of them are males at the age of 60.

Up to 1.000 Gilles gather in the downtown of Binche, wearing fancy costumes and bizarre masks with green eyes, decorated with downy lace at the neck.  During the festival they are walking through the city with the baskets full of oranges. The most astonishing part of the festival is orange tossing that takes place during the culmination of festival.  During this time the Gilles throw oranges from large baskets to the people. Only men can take part in this carnival.

The participants enjoy the breakfast that consists of traditional oysters and champagne on fat Tuesday.

In the night, you have a chance to enjoy a colorful fireworks with the Gilles de Binche dancing around festival bonfire.

The spectaculars usually join amazing party and dance until the sun rises.

The Carnival of Binche is an ideal choice for people who adore old history and ancient cities.

Should you be traveling to Belgium during the festival, consider adding it to your itinerary. It will be the most unique experience you have ever had.


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