Belgian coffee

Coffee is widely popular over the world; 400 million cups are consumed each year.

With that many cups being consumed each day, it is a great idea to give people clear information about coffee, what they really want and need. The most astonishing fact is that coffee flavors have taken a giant step into the 21st century. Flavorings can be added to gourmet coffees to make amazing light tastes. The process involved in flavoring coffee means that flavorings are added to coffee beans while they are still warm, immediately after roasting.  It includes such favorite flavored coffee drinks like Amaretto, Irish Crème, and Viennese Cinnamon. But hold your horses because the flavors do not stop there.

Every coffee from the same region but has some distinctive features that make it different out of coffees from totally different geographical zones. However, the coffees from one area keep their personal individuality and therefore contrast with one another.

While, Belgian coffee is more than something hot you buy through drive thru. It’s a rich deep flavored beverage that is tasty, hot or cold. Belgian coffee is a perfect choice to enjoy the warm conversation; it wakes up you in the morning, makes you full of energy during day, and does not let you sleep in the night.

Belgian coffee adds to the moment when you are extremely happy, coffee gives us ground when you are upset.

Coffee shops are ubiquitous in Europe, but the best coffee, you will find in Belgium. Actually, Belgium coffee is the most exotic and tasty drink. With this flavor of faraway places on your lips, you can taste the vanilla and coffee aroma of the tropics and the magical world of aromatic essences.

Belgian Waffle cafe offers the menu known as the “Coffee Chalet,” including a wide range of coffee, so you may have a dinner through the Lake Arrowhead Village.

The Belgian Waffle Coffee Chalet also offers Cappuccino’s, Latte, Mocha, Espresso, Chai Latte and our new Pumpkin Spice Latte. You may add a flavor shot of caramel, vanilla, almond, or others to choose from including sugar free flavors.

Without a doubt the most coffee brewed in the Village on a daily basis. Stop in for a fresh cup and enjoy the lake view while you are in Belgium.

If you are not in the mood for a Coffee drink try a cup of tasty Hot Chocolate with Lite Whipped Cream or a cup of Apple Cider. Otherwise, try Belgian Iced Cappuccino Drink you will ever taste. Make your stay in Belgium unforgettable with the best coffee over the world.


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