The oldest university over the world

Salamanca is well known as “La Dorada”, or “Golden City”, because of the golden glow of its sandstone buildings.  It has a population of 160.000 people and is a safe place for living. Especially, Salamanca is a lively students city (around 35.000 students come to study here), undoubtedly breathtaking with a medieval charm in Renaissance style.

The city has a lot of the most prestigious universities in the world.  It attracts a lot of student from over the world to come here and learn Spanish languages.  Surely, it is a busting city with a lot of things to do. While you are in Salamanca, do not miss the chance to see the oldest universities in Europe.

It was founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX, making it the oldest university in Spain. In present times, it has an excellent reputation as an academic institution and throughout the years some famous persons studied here such as Miguel de Cervantes and Christopher Columbus.

Salamanca University has a lot of fascinating sights that make the entrance fee definitely worthwhile.

While, walking through the university you will find the old lecture rooms, going upstairs will see a huge University library. Including thousands of antique books arranged on wooden shelves and huge globes of the world, it will certainly give you an idea of the unrivalled academic splendor of the Salamanca University during the Renaissance.  The facade of Universidad de Salamanca, carved in stone, there is a small frog on the skull.  Also, you will have the chance to see a myriad of amazing details in its beautiful facade, among which are the medallion of the Catholic Monarchs, the arms of Charles V, and other symbols of the history of Spain.

In fact, the frog is a symbol of a sexual temptation and the skull a symbol of a death.

That’s why; the frog on the skull warned the students to stay away from women because they can make them not pass the exams, the traditional legend says.

Find the frog at the University of Salamanca:

You should look for the frog at the university – it is a national tradition for all people who visit Salamanca to drop by the university’s facade to look for the golden frog.

So, why people are looking for the frog? – It is a mystery for tourists.  According to the legend, all visitors must look for the frog if they find it; they will come back to Salamanca soon. Also, there is another meaning – marriage with a Spaniard or you will be lucky.

In the Cuesta de la Encarnación

Street you will find a university dining room where you can have lunch for just 3.5 euro.  Actually, there are a lot of university dining rooms in Salamanca but this one is in the city center close to the Plaza Mayor. You can also enjoy wonderful views of the Pontificia University and the Clerecía church while you are eating.

If you want to enjoy the wonderful sunset over Salamanca, the best place to do it – the Roman Bridge.

As night falls, Salamanca lights up and becomes even more beautiful, if such a thing is possible.

Salamanca is a student’s town; its nightlife is famous for its jolly atmosphere and party till the sun rise.

So if you want to have a fun and dancing, here you will find a lot of clubs, bars and discos right near the squares of Plaza Mayor and Plaza San Justo. If you are lucky, you will have the chance to find a group of tunos (traditional troupes of student singers) serenading revelers as they stroll through the town

The opportunities for having fun in Salamanca are never ending…- here; all your wishes can come true.


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