Warner Bros. Movie World in Madrid

Warner Bros. Movie World  Madrid is a theme park, opened on April 5, 2002. It is a similar theme park to one in Australia. This Warner Bros. Movie World Theme Park was made by Time Warner Corporation but now it is operated and maintained by the Village Road Show Company.

The park is divided into five themed areas: DC Super Heroes World, Cartoon Village, Old West Territory, Hollywood Boulevard, and Warner Bros. Studios. It has the most exciting rides! You can find such famous characters from the movie world such as Superman, Austin Powers, Spiderman, Batman, Catwalk, Shrek, Scooby Doo. For those of you preferring adrenaline buzz the great attractions are roller coasters. There are also film studios in the theme park area which are still producing movies. They are also very popular among tourists and visitors. The most popular rides are: the Wild West Falls, the Speedy Gonzales Taxis, the Lethal Weapon – The Ride, the Superman Escape and the others.  The designer of the Six Flag Great America also designed this park. It has the same capability as the Universal Studios and the Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

One of the oldest and the most famous theme parks is however the Universal Studios in LA, California. It is divided into two areas on different levels. These areas are known as the Upper lot and Lower lot. Each lot features a collection of rides, shows and attractions as well as food, beverage and merchandise shops.

The Upper lot is home to a variety of family based attractions and shows. It is also home to many dining and merchandise shops as well as the park’s entrance. For children and families The Adventures of Curious George and The Simpsons Ride are offered. For older guests the park offers Universal’s House of Horrors, a year-round haunted house.

This lot is also home to all of the park’s shows including The Blues Brothers Revue, the Special Effects Stage, the Studio Tour, Universal’s Animal Actors and Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular. The Upper lot is also home to two 3-D films: Shrek 4-D (which features additional immersive features) and T2 3-D: Battle Across Time.

The Lower lot is the smaller of the two lots. It is home to Jurassic Park: The Ride, The NBC Universal Experience, Revenge of the Mummy (where E.T. Adventure once stood) and will soon be the home to Transformers: The Ride.

Similar to other Universal theme parks around the world, where duplicates of Jurassic Park: The Ride exist, the area surrounding the ride features a Jurassic Park merchandise shop named Jurassic Outfitters and a dining facility named Jurassic Café. Similarly a Revenge of the Mummy gift shop, called Tomb Treasures, greets guests as they exit that ride.

Such theme parks (both Warner Bros. Movie World in Madrid and Universal Studios in LA) are the best ways for spending time either with family or with friends.


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