The deepest swimming pool on the planet

After eating the best French fries with mayonnaise and drinking beer– to make some exercises is not a bad idea.

Belgium offers a wide range of fitness clubs and gyms the most popular among which are Studio Corpus Pilates, or the TAO Center, though the most famous is the deepest swimming pool in the world.

Can you imagine having a wonderful cruise at about105 feet (33 meters) in warm (33 C) and clean tropical water?  We are not talking about Maldives or Fiji or other islands but Belgium. It’s here where you can find the deepest swimming pool and feel like doing some deep scuba diving without visiting an ocean. This pool is an amazing attraction of Brussels where the tourists are undoubtedly have an ideal chance to test their scuba diving skills. If you admire water spots, you will find it the right place to have good time.

Some Historical Facts:

This unique swimming pool was made by Belgian  civil engineer John Beernaert’s 13 years ago.

Once, he was sitting in one local bar with a pen in his hand and a napkin as suddenly a grandiose idea to create a swimming pool occurred to him.  He started drawing a giant indoor diving complex, full of underwater tunnels and chambers.  Actually, he made the greatest and the biggest swimming pool in the world; even you can get lost here.

In general, the deepest swimming pool of the world is situated in the Stallestraat in Ukkel.  It is not only the deepest and biggest swimming pool in the world it is for sure a real paradise for tourists for scuba diving with a lot of attractions without any dangerous sharks or creatures.

It attracts billions of visitors since it was opened in 2002.

The swimming pool with the name Nemo 33 is the place for diving training and scientific research.

One of the most fascinating features is that the windows spaced at different depths of the pool that gives the chance to the spectators to watch the divers while they are on the bottom.

If you are nuts about water sports, you should not miss the best swimming pool in the world. Here you will spend unforgettable time with a lot of attractions.


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