Couch surfing against luxurious hotels

Those of you who prefer luxurious holidays, stop reading this article! If you’re looking for adventures, keep going!

If you love travelling but you’re on budget couch surfing is for you! It is one of the biggest guest networks in the world, organized as a website. It connects more than 2 million people in 238 countries. The participants allow fellow travellers an overnight stay in their house for free. The idea of couch surfing is to establish a cultural exchange; it gives a possibility to communicate with people from different countries and to broaden your outlook.

If you’re already interested, visit The registration is free. In your profile you may share pictures of such exotic countries as Bolivia or Peru, tell about your hobbies and interests, knowledge of languages and travel experience in Argentina or Brazil. People interested in having foreign guests, give the information about their location, how to get to their house and how many people he or she is ready to have at his or her place.

The project is concerned with the security of participants. So there are a lot of options to get to know more information about this or that participant via other people who have already stayed at his or her place as well as verification system. The administration of the website regularly sends safety rules.

Couch surfing has become really popular in recent years! So if you still have any doubts ask your friends, 50% of them have done it I’m sure.

Use your chance to experience the world for free!


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